• Analysis of key issues, target audience and media coverage (initial data research)
  • Goals and tasks setting
  • Development of PR campaign concept and plan (events schedule, media plan, budget)
  • PR campaign implementation
  • Post-campaign analysis and efficiency evaluation
Reputation management
  • Analysis of current company perception, defining strengths and weaknesses, working out recommendations to address the issues revealed
  • Development and implementation of action plans/programs for reputation building and management
Mass media relations
  • Media campaign planning and implementation
  • Developing and placing of media materials (press-releases, news, articles, interviews)
  • Organisation of press-conferences, briefings, interviews and other media targeted events
  • Media monitoring, press-clippings
  • Analysis of competitors media activities
  • Media sponsors engagement
Government relations
  • Подготовка и распространение информационных материалов
  • Взаимодействие с пресс-службами государственных структур
  • Организация и проведение совместных мероприятий с государственными структурами
Sponsorship and charitable events
  • Developing of an event concept
  • Comprehensive event management
  • Media engagement
Employee relations
  • Development and implementation of comprehensive employees addressed campaigns to build and/or strengthen company’s positive image
  • Corporate media management (staff newsletters, newspapers, magazines)
  • Corporate events management (staff events)
  • Team building events


Special events
  • Media targeted events: press-conferences, press tours, presentations
  • Customer targeted events: opening ceremonies, exhibitions, promotional campaigns
  • Events for partners: seminars, conferences
  • Sport and cultural events: festivals, contests.


  • Concept and scenario development
  • Information and promotional materials developing
  • Media engagement
  • Venue hire
  • Catering
  • Entertainment program
  • On-site logistics
  • Photo and video shooting
  • Design
  • Promotional materials design
  • Web-sites design
Digital marketing
  • Development and management of promotional campaigns in social media