Special format of a party

Corporate New Year

For a number of reasons, some companies choose their own offices as venues for the New Year celebrations. But even in this case it is better to turn to professionals that will invest their creativity to provide the best solution for the task at hand: entertaining the staff and giving each employee warmest and the most pleasant emotions. SpecProject has developed special event formats that make the best use of the office space and relatively modest New Year celebration budgets.


Cooking class or bout

Why not have the staff involved in cooking delicious and beautiful holiday meals? Of course, we are not talking about long and tedious process of creating complex culinary masterpieces. It is rather an easy and fun interactive routine the results of which are unpretentious but very nice appetizers or desserts. During cooking, participants of the bout can show the best of themselves! Who is the most sharp-witted? The most resourceful? The class or the bout logically end with everyone tasting the meals cooked.


Modest and tasteful

If we are on a very modest budget, we still can offer something concise and at the same time tasteful. You can invite a mime that will give each employee a nice New Year gift. Or choose any other character and offer employees memorial pictures with him or her (ideally, there should also be an assistant with a portable printer who immediately gives away beautifully framed New Year-styled photos). You can add mystery to the event and invite a magician with tarot cards and crystal ball. Or just throw a latte art or perfume bar party, where everyone can create their own scent... There are so many ideas! And each of them can be implemented in an interesting way...